Forgiveness is not easy

mice in therapy

Do you ever stop to think about the times when it has been easy to forgive someone who has hurt you? What was your state of mind at the time? Were you happy and in a good state or were you feeling vengeful and wanting to make every person you had ever known pay for every wrong thing that had ever happened in your life? More than likely you were in a happy state of mind, feeling good about yourself and where you were in your life so it was easy to let go of the hurt others had caused you.

Why aren’t we unable to do the same when we are feeling sad or angry? We spend so much wasted energy holding grudges and being angry and bitter and feeling sorry for ourselves that we simply miss out on the importance of the message. It doesn’t really matter. Holding on to whatever thing happened in the far past or even recent past only hurts us. No one else cares about the anger and the rage we are holding on to. No one else cares that we make ourselves sick at night because we can’t sleep and no one cares if we are miserable because we are holding on to so much anger. So why do we. Forgiveness is never easy no matter what the circumstances and it doesn’t mean you have to write them a letter or take them cookies or start speaking with them again. It just means you have to let go of what you’re holding on to inside. The big black mass that sits there in your gut, turning around making you crazy doesn’t have to be there. All you have to do is tell it to go away. Just let it go. Give it to the wind because you have no use for it anymore.

Once you truly start believing within yourself you have no need for anger and hatred and you want to be happy and you have forgiven, you will. Your life will be transformed. You will find once you have let go one time, you will want to do it again because the feeling is amazing.

It took me a lot of practice and a lot of medication to figure this out but it works if you’re willing to let go of the bad feelings so I would highly recommend it. I unfortunately know a lot of people out there who could use to do the same but something is holding them back. What have you got to lose?

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